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Balanced is a deck of cards containing daily activities and daily affirmations. 

Activities may involve stretches, eating different types of fruits and vegetables, and also getting out into nature.

Don't feel like you have to accomplish each one as is, just use your imagination!

For example... If it is impossible for you to get to an ocean, any body of water will do. Even if its just in your kitchen sink. Stick your arms in and enjoy the freshness water has to offer. 

Affirmations in short are a statement, a promise, a vow, an oath. They may also be used as a goal. 

Affirmations are to be used, not just spoken. If you are to simply say an affirmation with the hopes that it just sticks. IT WILL NOT WORK. 

With affirmations, you get what you give. The more energy you put in it, the more  energy that you get out of it. 

The affirmations that are within these cards pinpoint specific areas in your body called chakras. 

Chakras are your organs and your nervous system. 

This process is very much physical. It is your mind speaking to your physical body, telling it 'hey, its okay to feel safe or its okay to love' 


You body holds all

An affirmation is all the good things that your body may have learned to not trust because its been hurt before. 

This sets off your flight, fight or freeze response with has everything to do with your nervous system. 

Use one or multiple affirmations at once and use them as a shield from your own thoughts and the thoughts of others. Using them as a shield has been most effective. 

These cards help you with changing your habits, and how you talk to yourself. Certain cards will stick out while others take time to be truly seen. 

Let me know if you have any questions or don't fully understand. 


Welcome to Balanced.

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